Wimbledon tennis tournament


About the Wimbledon tennis tournament

The 2021 Wimbledon Championship is the most awaited one in the history of the English Lawn Tennis Association. The competition has attracted all kinds of sports enthusiasts and sports lovers from across the globe. As there are many benefits to be gained by participating in the competition, a lot of people have been lining up since the inception of the tournament. There is no doubt that the competition is intense and requires full-featured game players. This is exactly why some of the best players in the world are participating in this tournament.

Wimbledon tennis court - grand slam tournament

Key facts about the Wimbledon tennis tournament

  • The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is the most famous sports event taking place in the United Kingdom.
  • It is held every year since 1992 and is an international tennis tournament, played throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.
  • Every year a different player or team competes in the tournament, to try to win the trophy called the Grand Slam. This competition attracts many fans, and the popularity of the tournament makes it one of the richest sporting events in the world, with estimated prize money of more than $2 billion.


What you need to know about the Wimbledon tournament

1. There are six teams competing in the tournament. The opponents include favorites from France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Italy. These are the usual heavyweights from the sport, but there are also some seedling teams that play against the top seeds in the tournament. Each team has at least two players playing, so there is always a fight for the championship.

2. The venue of the tournament – the grass court located at Wimbledon is one of the most famous in the world.

3. The tournament is played between the months of April and May.

Before the tournament starts, the players have to pass several tests to ensure their fitness. They have to take part in strength and endurance tests, muscle building and stretching, and be ready for quick matches and match situations.
Most importantly, they have to get through the qualifying rounds, which give each player one chance to play in the big Wimbledon tennis tournament.
Each player has six games played; the last four are played in the playoff round. It is important for each player to win one game to secure themselves a place in the championship round.

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